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Care Manager Training Initiative

Care Management Training Initiative

Upcoming HHUNY Training Workshop

Achieving Triple AIM Outcomes: How to Impact Health Outcomes through Care Management
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Health Homes of Upstate New York (HHUNY) is embarking on a two-year, 10-topic Care Management Training Initiative in support of educating, motivating and empowering the HHUNY network through multiple professional development opportunities and training workshops with special emphasis on:

•     Person-Centered Best Practices;
•     Developing a Person-Centered Plan of Care;
•     Workload & Time Management in the Practice of Care Management;
•     Effective Uses of Peer & Social Supports in Health Home Care Management;
•     Quality Measures – “How to Have an Impact on Client Health Outcomes through Health Home Care 
•     The Role of Cultural Competence in Reducing Disparities through Care Management;
•     The Role of Care Management in Client Chronic Illness Management;
•     The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Promoting Health, Wellness, and Achieving Health Equity
       through Care Management;         
•     And more….

Each training workshop is designed as a professional development opportunity for care management staff to:

•      Enhance and refine their skills;
•      Receive practical tools, resources and best practices; and
•      Receive guidance from subject matter experts to support their continued learning and growth.

In addition, HHUNY’s Learning Management System will serve as your primary source for HHUNY Care Management Agency (CMA) staff to:

•      Access e-Learning (online) modules, reference guides, and supplemental educational resources (including 
        videos); and
•      Access webinars with experienced local, regional, and national subject matter experts and professionals.

Direct Link to HHUNY’s Learning Management System: