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During this challenging time for our community, HHUNY is still accepting new referrals for our care management program. Our care management agencies are offering support services by phone, text, video visits, and more, and they are implementing a variety of resourceful ways to meet the needs of Members. Click here to make a referral for care management services or call 1-855-613-7659 to obtain assistance by phone. As always, we value and appreciate our community partners!

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Care Management Success Stories

Teamwork, the heart of Care Management, a Member Success story as told by his Care Manager

Teamwork, the heart of Care Management, a Member Success story as told by his Care Manager

*John came to us HARP Enrolled just as HARP was getting started. He was my first client I got all the way through the process. That isn’t the cool part though. He had been hospitalized for mental health reasons five times in the year before we had him.

We enrolled him on 1/3/17. Since then he has had a list of huge victories. When we first got him he was living in a very sketchy situation. By getting him into a hospital diversion bed, then into supported housing we helped him take care of that. He has not been hospitalized once in 2017. Came close a few times but because he had the supports of myself, his therapist, a supportive housing worker, a peer and an educational support worker we were able to get him through the rough times and he stayed in his home. Since then he has also had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed that had been causing him severe migraines for years. He has started to be more active in his community and the best part is he received his GED this month and is enrolled in a 4 year college. Everyone working with him has seen a huge change in his affect throughout the last year and the improvements have been impressive.


We all know it doesn’t work this way with every client every time but it sure is awesome when it does!


* name changed to protect client's identity